Digital Forensics.US: A leader in Digital Forensics and eDiscovery Services, Data Analysis, Laboratory Business Processes and Quality Management System Solutions.


We offer tailored solutions to support your unique Digital Forensics and eDiscovery challenges. We guide your organization to establish reliable and defensible processes that connect the dots across the universe of electronically stored data.

Exceeding Customer Expectations


</br>Forensic Data </br>Collection & Analysis
As providers of forensic services, we use secure, reliable, repeatable, and validated methods for collection and recovery of Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Our personnel have analytical experience from the nation’s leading intelligence and law enforcement agencies.
eDiscovery </br>Operational Policies & </br>Procedure Development
For in-house data collection, we develop a framework for technical and operational processes which establish your data collection methods as defensible and reliable, while improving business efficiency, and helping you locate the "smoking gun."
</br>Forensic Laboratory Development
We will assist your digital or general forensic laboratory with development of a quality management system and technical procedures that are compliant with international standards. Our experts have exceptional experience in digital forensics, latent fingerprints, document examinations, drug chemistry, biology, and other forensic disciplines.